This page will shows what Yuki will block if you set it up for you server.

If you are a Moderator or an Administrator or Server Owner you are immune to this, you will bypass these censors, only if you are a Moderator/Administrator/Server Owner. Well, your users are not immune to this.

What is this?

Yuki is now having Auto-Mod, with improved checking. Yuki will remove "swearing emojis". By activiting the Auto-Mod type y!config edit censor <0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7>. The meanings behind these numbers are below this message. So, after the major update, this censors got update and Yuki will use Machine Learning (AI) to censor stuff, and only activates for swearing, and by swearing the NSFW emojis, or bad emojis will gets removed from the server even without nitro, and yes simps/simp are blocked if you enable any numbers with containing the swear module, and the module is more stronger and aggresiver thanks to Machine Learning (AI) that Yuki got in this hidden mini update.

0 means: Disable the module completely.

1 means: Yuki will only remove message that containing swearing.

2 means: Yuki will only removes links only.

3 means: Yuki will removes message containing: swearing, invite links, links.

4 means: Yuki will removes invite links only.

5 means: Yuki will removes swearing and links (not invite links).

6 means: Yuki will be removing swearing and invite links.

7 means: Yuki will be only removing messages with invite links and links (not swearing).

Having Issues

By having issue, you can always check that Yuki has permissions, and can message the user, if not, it will send a error message to the log channel, if Yuki doesn't do it's job, you can always report it at our support server.