This page shows how you can configure the anti-raid module.

This module is very beta, please report if you find any issues, and this module requires the KICK MEMBERSpermission, so put the required permission to the bot otherwise it will not work, and it will allows raid bots to join.

What is this?

Yuki is having a new antiRaid system added. This system will filters out new accounts and kicks them instantly, and notifying in the logs channel (if set) that they are disabled receiving direct messages.


First, you will need to the following command to enable/disable the module.

y!config edit antiRaid <0/1>

So, there are the numbers that will does something with the module (disables/enables)

0 = Turn off the module completely.

1 = Turn on the module.

And if the kick was happend, the bot will send a message into your mod-logs channel (only if set) otherwise the bot only sends a error in your logs channel.

And this module will starts kicking new accounts if set and there is a raid going on, this modules helps speed down the raid.